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I am going to smell for the first time. What should I expect?


I was born with an internally messed up nose. It looks fine externally maybe a slight asymmetry but the real issue with it is it caused weaker breathing and deviated septum and a complete loss of smell. I will have to have 3 surgeries done on the nose to address the multiple different issues in August. I truly have never smelled a single scent in my life. I am soon to get a surgery to fix my messed up nose and the airways but also with a very good chance I can smell for the first time ever. I am 23 as well. What I am asking is simple.

  1. What should I expect?
  2. What should I do?
  3. What should I smell good and bad?
  4. Does anyone know how life could change from your own theory and hypothesis.
  5. Truly how hard and insane will this affect my mind basically adding on a sense I’ve never experienced once in childhood, teenage years and truly never?

Edit: was not at all expecting this response. This shit must be crazy that I’m missing out on. If you have a specific question just message me privately as I tried replying to as many as I could but this response is crazy. I am reading all of this but in practice I have no idea what any of the descriptions I am getting could feel like without experiencing it. I believe my surgery is mid August with recovery being grueling and I will for sure find a way to update everyone and possibly have a AMA. Some quick facts too about my hopes and past with this 1. I want to smell vanilla more than anything. 2. I want to smell the worst smells there is for experience 3. Tons of foods I can eat super easily because I have no smell or do things like take medicine and alcohol easily with no bad taste 4. My mother and grandfather both had the same issue. Grandfather didn’t care nor do I believe had the ability to get it fixed, my mother got it fixed ten years ago to success. So I have some hope. 4. Just message me for anything else

I am having 3 operations done on the nose in August to address all my issues.

Also for anyone asking, there’s no absolute guarantee to fix smell just a good chance. The surgeries are truly more important to fix my shallow breathing and nerve issues.

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Discussion Season 4 becomes the first season with a low audience score

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This is actually pretty surprising imo as I enjoyed the season so far, what do you guys think is the reason for folks not enjoying the new season?

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r/all The different body transformations of Christian Bale

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The Homelander is right crowd are probably about to lose their minds right now haha

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Quality Post Nearly lost my toes on an escalator

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Question What should I do with this wall in my backyard?

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My neighbor has a building whose wall runs along our property line. Looking for some ideas on what to do with this space?

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Cat Picture Give me an image of your cat and I will draw them poorly because I am too tired to put in more effort

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☕️ 💦 🔨 Customer complains about price of Coffee to Bikini Barista, throws coffee, gets hammer in response

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Soft Paywall Trump challenges Biden to a cognitive test but confuses the name of the doctor who tested him


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A Cool Guide Tourist Advisory What Not to Do in Qatar

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Picture To put in perspective for Americans, 26C is 78F

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🇲​🇮​🇸​🇨​ 81 - 78 = YUGE!

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My restaurant has a rat problem and won't solve it.


The restaurant I work for opened an additional section of seating during covid that has now become permanent. They have yet to invest in it despite being completely separate from the restaurant. To severe this section I average 12 miles walked a shift.

Every night, rats are breaking into the tent and eating the jelly packets and whatever trash is there. They recently redid the floor because it completely fell through, this left tons of holes in the tent allowing more rodent activity.

They recently "attempted" to solve this solution by purchasing covers for everything and this is what I found a couple days after this "solution" was implemented.

To make matters worse, they removed the existing moldy sink so there isn't anywhere near the section to wash my hands when I accidently touch rat poop.

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Sometimes you just need to see some cows

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I can move on

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Miscellaneous / Others Gordon Ramsay visibly shaking shows off nasty bike injury (shows injury at 0:40)

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Approved B-List Users Only Joe Alwyn Breaks Silence on Taylor Swift Breakup: “A Hard Thing to Navigate”


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When Disturbed meets Shaggy...

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She said the n-word on TikTok to become a full-time conservative grifter, but her new neo-nazi audience thinks she's trans, Jewish, and that her child is mixed-race . She has been fired from her job, banned from TikTok, and her own audience hates her and are attacking her child


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MISC. How vodka is made

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Under Biden, U.S. economic growth becomes the ‘envy of the world’


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Family Is it weird to still sleep with your parents?


Pls see the edit at the bottom

Yes, I know it’s weird, and it’s fucking infuriating too. But is it certainly “Call the Police” or “Move out ASAP” weird? I [17M, graduated 2 weeks ago] have my own room and my own bed, but my parents “love and miss their baby so much” that they haven’t allowed me to sleep in a bed that they’re not sharing with me. If I dare refuse, they treat it as if I’m a delinquent and threaten to “ground me”, AKA take my stuff (even the shit I bought and worked for) and refuse to let me leave the house. My mom works night shifts, so she sleeps during the day. Apparently she “misses her baby” and refers to me as her “pillow” so everyday, if I’m still at home, I’m required (yes, not even exaggerating, REQUIRED) to have my mom cuddle me till she sleeps, which can take up to 2 hours till she lets me leave. If I refuse she’ll guilt trip/insult me and then take my stuff and privileges. On another note, I’ve recently started noticing a couple months ago, they straight up refuse/choose to say my name anymore. It’s always fucking “Baby”, “B”, “Taba” (which means fat cause I was fat when I was 3 years old). It’s not even cute anymore, I’m a few weeks into becoming a grown ass adult. They say this shit in public and sometimes I hear my friends and some strangers comment “That’s a baby?

I can’t even look for a job, clean the house, clean the fishtank, or even choose my future career. But it’s not a matter of “I can’t”, it more like “I’m not allowed to” because my parents “I’m still their little baby”. I’m taller than both of my parents, and they comment “Wow you’re a big boy now huh” and make me feel self conscious. Man FUCK.

Or maybe I’m just being an ungrateful brat who’s just hating on their parents.

Edit: Also just to be clear It’s not “sleeping” (as in sex) it’s just sleeping. Still weird tho

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This is so heartbreaking

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